Canvas: Check for broken links

August 25, 2021

Are students reporting that links are broken in your Canvas course? Go to Settings > Validate Links in Content (far right side menu), and run the course link validation tool to get a report of potential problems. The most common reason is that a linked item (i.e. a file, page, module, or activity) is not published. Publishing the item corrects the problem. The next most common reason is that the link points to content stored in a different Canvas course. This is a result of copying content piecemeal from other courses: remove and rebuild the link such that it points to content stored in the current course. (Tip: each course has a unique 5 digit number in the URL. Your Canvas link needs to have the same five digit number as your current course.) The third reason for broken links is that they point to an external website that is down or no longer exists. Update or remove broken external links. Some reported external link issues are false flags.

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Department: Online and Distance Learning