Canvas: Ensure TA can see students in Canvas

August 25, 2021

In order to see student names, submission, and grades, a TA must be a member of the same enrollment section inside a Canvas course as the students. When an Instructor enrolls a registrar list into a Canvas course, it creates a new enrollment section inside the course. A registrar lists contains the students who enrolled for the section, the instructor of record specified by the academic departments, and any appointed observers for student athletes – it does not include teaching assistants. Therefore, after enrolling the students into a course, the instructor must enroll the TAs into the newly created enrollment sections. If TAs were added before the registrar lists, they need to be enrolled into the new section created by the registrar list. The Instructor enrolls TAs, co-teachers, and support staff into all/select section by going to Course Menu > ISU Admin Tools > (authorize) > Manage Additional People. Enter the new person’s netID, the role they should be given, and the section they should be added to. Typically you will select “All Listed Sections”. Click the “Add” button then verify that their name displays on the screen with the proper section(s) listed.

Contact Details:

Name: Karla Embleton
Phone: (515) 294-9198
Department: Human Sciences Career Services