Canvas notifications

May 12, 2020

Any Canvas user can go to Account > Notifications and set up personal alerts to notify them when various things happen in their courses. Alerts come via email. Each user chooses what to be notified about and the immediacy/frequency of those alerts. The options are: immediately, daily summary, weekly summary, never. Alerts include information about the item that triggered the alert, so an Announcement alert includes the actual class Announcement, a “Conversation” alert (Inbox message) includes the posted message. This alert notification system should not be confused with an actual class email system, which Canvas does not have. Canvas has an internal message system represented by the Inbox on the left side margin; an associated notification setting is called “Conversations.” Since each user can turn off any or all system alerts, instructors may wish to use an external email system to reach students.

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Name: Karla Embleton
Phone: 294-9198
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