Copying Canvas Courses

August 3, 2020

Every semester you teach, you must order a new Canvas course. The new account will be blank but you can import all $#0151; or parts $#0151; of any other Canvas course into it, providing you were a Teacher in the course you wish to copy. After receiving your new account, go into it, click Settings, then go to the far right column and select Import Course Content. On the next screen, set Content Type = Copy a Canvas Course and indicate which course you wish to copy from. Indicate whether you want to copy the entire course (“All content”) or pick only specific parts of it to copy (“Select specific content”). Then click the red Import button. If you are copying only parts, then a “Select Content” button appears. Click it and checkmark the parts to be copied over. The job will queue and display a message when it’s complete. For this and other Canvas tips, follow the More link

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