Creating instructor presence

September 26, 2019

Creating instructor presence: Effective teaching does not begin and end at the classroom door. Instructor presence is critical to student engagement, learner satisfaction, and learner progress. Canvas offers several tools to help instructors be present in their courses. Communication tools such as Announcements, Discussion, and Inbox messaging allow for one way and two way contact. Instructors can also contact students from the gradebook by selecting the “Message Students Who” option from any activity column header cell menu. This is a great way to contact students who missed, or did poorly on, an activity. It can also be used to praise students who did well. Check the People list to see if any students have not logged in recently. Add personalized text or voice feedback on assignments. Grade assignments promptly (within a week), making sure that every student receives a score. If you’re interesting in using emerging technologies outside of Canvas, check the MORE link for ideas.

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