How to send messages from the gradebook

January 27, 2020

Instructors can contact students from the gradebook by selecting the ‘Message Students Who’ option from any activity column header cell menu. (Hover over the header cell, click the 3 vertical dots to expand the header menu.) Select one of the 3 criteria by which to recipients can be chosen for your message. The options are: ‘Haven’t been graded’, ‘Scored less than’, and ‘Scored more than’. (The tool does not yet allow you to send a message to students who scored between two values.) You can only type in a message, you cannot attach a voice recording or file. Students who receive your message will not know who else received it. This is a great way to contact students who missed or did poorly on an activity and it can also be used to praise students who have done well. This is an easy method to increase your presence in the class, which can in turn encourage students to engage. Follow the MORE link for additional gradebook tips.

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