How to view grades in concluded courses

June 4, 2021

By default, ISU concludes courses in Canvas at the end of each semester. Concluding a course removes the title from each participant’s dashboard but does not remove participants from the course. Courses remain accessible through the Courses > All Courses link. A student’s ability to enter a concluded course is based on the access restriction settings in the course. However, since the students’ enrollment statuses are changed to “concluded,” they have read-only access. (i.e. they cannot submit assignments, add to discussions, or take quizzes.) To see concluded students’ scores, go to Grades > hover in the Student Name column header cell > click the three dots in the cell > select Concluded Enrollments to toggle student names and scores display on. Because the course is concluded, the instructor cannot change the grade book. If necessary, the instructor can un-conclude a course by going to Course Menu > ISU AdminTools > View Additional Course Settings > toggle both (2) conclude settings to no, then refresh the course view.

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