Tips for Canvas gradebooks

September 27, 2018

Graders must understand several things about the grade book in Canvas. Every grade column exists because an activity exists on the Assignments page. Graded discussions and quizzes are Assignments created with special tools so are listed on their own tool page and in Assignments. Activities can be stored in specific assignment groups, e.g. Attendance, Homework, Exams. Each group creates a non-editable, dark colored grade subtotal column. The Total column is the sum of the subtotal columns and is non-editable. When an activity is assigned to a student, their grade cell in the activity column of the grade book will be light colored. Typing EX in a grade cell exempts the student and the cell turns dark. A red cell indicates that the student submission was late. A yellow cell indicates that the student submitted more than once. A grader can open the header cell menu and mute a column, which hides it from the students and removes the score from the calculations.

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