Updating assignment dates with new Canvas tool

August 3, 2020

Canvas has a new tool for effectively updating and checking all Assignment “Assign to” setting dates. Assignments include graded quizzes, graded discussions, and all types of activities made with the actual Assignment tool. In the Course Menu, click Assignments. Click the 3 vertical dots to the right of the red +Assignments button. Select Edit Assignment Dates from the pop-up menu. You can change all, or a subset of selected assignment dates at once, modify one date at a time, and perform these actions in sequence. For example, you could advance all dates by 180 days in bulk to get them close to the correct dates, then individually edit dates as needed to make them accurate. This tool only changes the dates in the settings; it won’t change dates in text descriptions so you may still need to read through and edit each assignment individually. This one-page listing makes it very easy to cross-check actual course settings against your planned schedule.

Contact Details:

Name: Karla Embleton
Phone: 515-294-9198
Department: in administration