Adam Le

Major: Kinesiology and Health
Company/Organization: Trail Point Aquatics & Wellness
Company/Organization website:
Destination: Ankeny, Iowa
Timeframe: Spring 2024
Advisor/Coordinator Email:


My responsibilities during my internship were to lead a Team Training session, check members in, shadow a college class, and instruct group fitness and personal training sessions. The team training class is a multiple-group personal training session allowing members to build community. I also did everyday responsibilities like cleaning towels and equipment and taking care of the cleaning spray bottles.


My greatest accomplishment during my internship was leading a group fitness class by myself. I have always struggled with presenting and being in front of people. However, my college career, especially in KIN 459, has helped me build those leadership skills. This was an accomplishment because I had no idea I would be leading, and they just threw me in there. I was nervous, but I reflected on my past experiences at Iowa State, and it guided me through it all.

Learning experience

The greatest lesson I learned from my experience is that no matter how knowledgeable you may seem, you barely know anything when applying the skills in the real world. Translating from paper to person can be difficult but not impossible. I thought I knew everything, and from textbooks and programming for a client, I did know my stuff, but working with people and applying those interpersonal communication skills with your professional skills is a new challenge. I learned to humble myself, learn from my supervisors because they have been in my shoes, and challenge myself out of my comfort zone to achieve my goals.

What advice would you give?

My advice for future students in my major is to take advantage of your experiential coursework and step out of your comfort zone. The skills I could develop and the time I utilized in classes prepared me to transition into the workforce. Also, not everything is going to sound appealing; sometimes, you're going to have to lead a class you don't want to, or you will have to work with a client late at night or early in the morning. Don't say yes to everything, but respect yourself and say no when you are not equipped.

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