Bridget Carleton

Major: Kinesiology and Health
Minor/option/emphasis: Exercise Science
Company/Organization: Campus Cycle
Company/Organization website:
Destination: Ames, Iowa
Timeframe: Fall
Advisor/Coordinator Email:


During this internship, I was responsible for attending team meetings, attending and helping with events, facility management, completing research on benefits of indoor cycling and building relationships with clients to help them reach their fitness goals.


My greatest accomplishment from my experience was that I was able to get outside of my comfort zone and apply what I have learned through the Kinesiology department to a real world scenario.

What advice would you give?

Advice I would give future students is to apply yourself as much as possible. The amount of experience and knowledge you get from your internship is up to you. The more practice you get, the more comfortable and confident you will be. This will benefit you and prepare you for your professional career.

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