Caitriana Dolce

Major: Kinesiology and Health
Company/Organization: Surefire Fitness
Company/Organization website:
Destination: Ames, Iowa
Timeframe: Spring 2021
Advisor/Coordinator Email:


Maintaining cleanliness of gym, planning workouts and program design, communicating with members, attending every session, learning play-based fitness techniques, helping out at Kid Ninja and Dragons nights, and so much more!


My greatest accomplishment was planning workouts for the group sessions and getting amazing feedback from the members. It makes my job as a trainer so much more rewarding when you make a fun, but still challenging workout that makes the members feel good.

Learning experience

I learned a lot of great lessons from the members and the other trainers; but specifically I learned how to be a better teacher. When it comes to exercising, everyone is at different levels of "fit". Some people can understand what you are saying just by explaining, some need you to show them, and some need to watch as you do it. Taking a little extra time explaining and demonstrating goes a long way when safety is our number one priority.

What advice would you give?

Don't be afraid to ask questions! Ask your professors, advisors, and site advisor for help! I have learned so much from Jeff and the other trainers at Surefire. Get advice from them about certifications, job experiences, pretty much anything. They're there to help you succeed!

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