Ryan Kinsella

Major: Kinesiology and Health
Minor/option/emphasis: Exercise Science
Company/Organization: St. Francis Regional Hospital Cardiac Rehabilitation
Destination: Shakopee, Minnesota
Timeframe: Summer
Advisor/Coordinator Email: dpower@iastate.edu


Taking resting and exercise blood pressures; Hooking patients up to a heart monitor; Charting on patients on Excellian; Monitoring heart rhythms with telemetry; Assisting and leading new patient intakes; Working with one or more patients through their session of cardiac rehab; Teaching patient education classes; Observe an open heart surgery


My greatest accomplishment from my internship was seeing so much growth within patients during their time in rehab. It was amazing to see how much exercise can impact people's lives, even in just a short amount of time. Some of the patients started cardiac rehab when I began my internship, so it was very rewarding to see them progress, and they helped me become better along the way as well.

What advice would you give?

Let go of your fear! Don’t be afraid to experience the things that you may not be comfortable doing, because that’s when you will learn the most. I realized that my skill set expanded and I grew in my ability to be a successful cardiac rehab therapist when I stepped out of my comfort zone.

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