Derrick named Active Fellow of the National Academy of Kinesiology


AMES, Iowa – The National Academy of Kinesiology (NAK) has named Iowa State University Department of Kinesiology professor, Timothy Derrick, as one of the organization’s Active Fellows for his distinguished and impactful contributions to the field of kinesiology.

“The National Academy of Kinesiology stands as the very hub where the blueprint for our field’s future is conceived,” says Derrick. “Being elected a fellowship signifies that the efforts I’ve dedicated to the field of kinesiology over the past 26 years have truly impacted its progress and I am deeply honored to engage in this significant endeavor.”

The field of biomechanics applies physics and engineering to the human body and is where Derrick has dedicated his career as an accomplished researcher and educator.

Foot disorders are difficult to study in humans because our feet are complex and tough to examine internally. Derrick’s lab tackled this problem by building a machine that allows researchers to move the muscles and skeleton of cadaver feet in a natural motion. Bone movements and strains are measured, leading to an accurate model of the foot that can be used to study function and dysfunction.

He’s worked with organizations such as Runner’s World, Consumer Reports, Speedo and the U.S. Military to test the cushioning properties of footwear. And, he’s tested impact attenuation in gymnastics vaults, mats, sports pads, wheelchairs and basketball rims.

Derrick also studies osteogenic exercise and the role the pattern of impacts plays in stress fractures. His work helps people live healthier lives by understanding how the human body responds to various situations and stressors.

“Dr. Derrick is an internationally recognized scientist and educator in biomechanics education and research and a highly accomplished investigator of scientific discovery,” said Department of Kinesiology Chair, Li-Shan Chou.

Chou went on to share that an induction of a fellow to the NAK signifies, not only that a faculty member in the department achieved a high level of expertise and achievement in the field, but also suggests the department’s engagement in cutting-edge research, attraction of top-talented faculty and graduate students, connection to a network of top scholars, and the ability to provide high-quality education and training to students.

Derrick will be formally inducted as an NAK Active Fellow at the organization’s annual meeting in September.


Tim Derrick

Professor and Associate Chair

Department: Kinesiology


Li-Shan Chou

Department Chair

Department: Kinesiology