Community and Public Health

The community and public health option allows students to establish a focused program of study on community and public health programming. With this option, you can progress toward professional involvement in agencies that offer community health services and education. Community and public health professionals work in public, private, non-profit health agencies, and government health programs. They design, promote, and carry out strategies that help prevent illness and encourage healthy lifestyles.


Coursework includes:

  • Community and public health
  • Community health program development physical activity epidemiology
  • Human diseases
  • Health psychology
  • Aging and the family
  • Family communication and relationships
  • And more!

Internship experience

Internships are required for all students enrolled in the community/public health career option. The internship experience takes students out into their chosen field for a minimum of 10 weeks with a minimum of 400 hours of practical learning. This is usually completed during the senior year in the specific area which most closely matches the student’s career goals.

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