Exercise Science

The exercise science option allows you to specialize in the scientific study of how the body responds and adapts to various types of exercise. Graduates of this program are employed as exercise specialists in health clubs, sports enhancement facilities, and cardiac rehabilitation centers. Additional coursework can be taken to prepare for admission to professional programs such as physical therapy, work as a physician assistant, or human medicine.


Coursework includes:

  • Physiology of exercise
  • Biomechanical aspects of human movement
  • Physical fitness and conditioning
  • Exercise leadership
  • Medical aspects of exercise
  • Physical fitness — principles, programs, and evaluation
  • Exercise psychology
  • Health studies
  • And more

Internship (field experience)

An internship is required for all students in the Exercise Science option. The experience takes students out into their career field for a minimum of 10 weeks and a minimum of 320 hours of hands-on learning. The field experience is usually completed during the senior year in the area which most closely matches the student’s career goals.

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