Jacob Meyer featured for advice on light activity and sleep in Iowa State University’s News Service article

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By Jill Even


Jacob Meyer, assistant professor in kinesiology, was featured in Iowa State University’s News Service article. Meyer encourages people to participate in light physical activity to break up long periods of sedentary time.

Meyer and his colleagues used collected data to measure a person’s physical activity, sleep, and sedentary time. This gave Meyer the insight on the benefits of light activity versus sedentary time. He recommends replacing long periods of sitting with housework or walking, which is more sustainable for some people than going to the gym.

He also recommends getting more sleep instead of staying up late, which can limit other negative health behaviors, such as absentmindedly eating. Meyer said that making these changes can help a person maintain a sense of control.

Key contacts

Jacob Meyer, assistant professor, kinesiology, 515-294-1386, jdmeyer3@iastate.edu.

By Jill Even