Sarah Steege

Sarah Steege always knew Iowa State was where she wanted to be but it wasn’t until she got to campus that she realized what she wanted her major to be.

“When I first came to Iowa State, I was majoring in animal science,” said Steege. “I realized I loved working with people and decided to change my major to kinesiology and health.”

She has been part of numerous research teams including the Walk With Ease program that received a $1 million grant from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Steege had the opportunity to work with older adults in the Ames community, creating a program and space where they could connect and improve their health through walking.

Her future plans include attending physical therapy school and she’s passionate about sharing what she’s learned with her fellow Cyclones as the president of the Pre-Physical Therapy Club.

“The goal is to help students be prepared for physical therapy school and understand what it takes to get into school – things like the placement test, how to succeed in class, when to take classes and which classes to take together,” Steege explains.

She believes Iowa State has prepared her for the next step in her education. Although the coursework has been challenging, she says that professors always find a way to make it worthwhile and enjoyable.

“The things we have learned in our classes, they’re challenging,” said Steege. “But, they’re also a good balance of interesting. When I get to graduate school, I feel like I won’t be shocked by the amount of coursework.”

For students in the field of kinesiology and health, or for those who are planning to attend graduate school, Steege recommends taking advantage of all the opportunities that come your way. She also stresses that school can be difficult and staying true to what you enjoy is important.

“Think about, not only how you can use something in the present moment, but how it can help you in the future,” said Steege. “There are so many ways to be a strong applicant for graduate school or physical therapy school. But, at the end of the day, choosing things you’re interested in is so important.”

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