Kinesiology Learning Communities

In the Department of Kinesiology, incoming freshmen and transfer students become part of the Freshmen Learning Community or Transfer and Change of Major Learning Community through their orientation class. Each of these communities give students experiences beyond the classroom that:

  • Increase students’ knowledge about career choices through activities such as field trips, speakers, and club meetings with professionals from the field.
  • Foster connections between new students and other people in their major through activities such as working with peer mentors, attending social events with other new students, and having lunch with faculty members.
  • Encourage leadership and professional development through activities such as attending club meetings, doing service-learning activities, volunteering, and participating in Kinesiology-related campus activities such as the Blood Drive, Relay for Life, and Dance Marathon.

Participation Details

Housing: The Kinesiology Learning Community is not residential. Students may live anywhere and participate.

Participation: Students will engage in field trips, service-learning activities, kinesiology class activities, as well as campus and community activities to explore career interests, gain experience, and network with relevant programs and people. The learning community activities are embedded in the orientation class, KIN 253.

Fees: The learning community does not charge extra fees for field trips, study groups, leadership activities, or social activities, so come join the fun!

Peer Mentors

Students participating in the learning communities are assigned a personal mentor. Peer mentors are upper-level Kinesiology students who want to help you get off to the best start possible.


  • Help students navigate the Canvas class system.
  • Invite students to attend club meetings and campus activities with them.
  • Answer any questions students have about Iowa State or majors.
  • Provide resources and support to students to help them be successful in their first semester courses.
  • Assist with registration and course selection.