Documentation and submission of clinical experience hours into ATrack are required of the program as well. This allows the Coordinator of Clinical Education the ability to assess the overall time commitment each student invests into their education and can help to identify a student that is either insufficiently assigned or overexposed to opportunities. Frequently, the documentation of these hours is required of state licensing agencies to assess an applicant’s preparedness for granting licensure approval upon graduation from the program. These hours will be kept in the student’s ATrack online profile. Failure to document your clinical hours into ATrack on time (within 24 hours of the clinical experience) will result in those hours not counting toward the required semester minimum and could result in a failing grade for the course.

*Any hours acquired while classes are not in session and ISU is on a break are not to be included in the calculation formula written above. Clinical hours are recommended to be recorded into ATrack within 24 hours of the experience

Clinical education hours are defined as time spent evaluating, diagnosing, treating and rehabilitating injuries or illnesses, counseling, practice or game coverage, applying first aid and the hands-on practice of clinical skills as well as time spent with documentation, practice or treatment preparation, maintenance or repair of equipment, stocking of supplies and communication with clinical preceptors. Athletic training students are not to record time spent cleaning, studying, traveling, educational, or other meeting times and any other idle time, even if these activities occur during a scheduled clinical experience.

As part of the goals and objectives of the Program, preparation for the BOC entry-level certification examination is a priority. While in their final semester of enrollment, each student wishing to take the examination will be required by the BOC to apply for the administration of the examination. The endorsement of the Program Director is required for this process. A request in writing with the presentation of the completed program requirements, both academic and clinical, should be submitted to the Program Director within a reasonable timeframe. The Program Director may grant or deny with recommendations the endorsement of any candidate. This recommendation is made in consultation with the Coordinator of Clinical Education. 

All students should be advised that endorsement for the BOC examination administration is at the discretion of the Program Director.

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