MATR Curriculum Information

Beginning in 2023, the CAATE (AT Education’s accrediting body) will require all accredited professional athletic training education programs to be offered at the graduate level. Specifically, students must earn a master’s degree from an accredited professional program from fall of 2023 on, in order to be eligible for the Board of Certification Examination (and thus be eligible to practice). There has been confusion regarding the transition and the requirements, so here’s what we can tell you regarding the transition process and Iowa State University’s status:

  • All athletic training programs wishing to retain accreditation status need to convert to a master’s degree by the fall of 2023
  • ISU accepted the last B.S. in Athletic Training cohort of students in fall of 2018
  • ISU submitted paperwork to CAATE for the transition of the degree to a master’s degree program. ISU is currently accredited by CAATE
  • ISU offers a professional master’s degree in Athletic Training. We prepare our graduates for a successful career in athletic training and to stay current and active within the profession.
  • ISU will have the first cohort of graduate athletic training students on campus summer of 2020

Program Information

B.S./MATR in Athletic Training

ISU will offer a hybrid 3+2 curriculum as a pre-athletic training student in the Department of Kinesiology housed in the College of Human Sciences. Students would apply to the master’s program during their junior year. Upon completion of the program, including all requirements will result in a student earning a B.S./MATR in Athletic Training.

3+2 MATR Curriculum

MATR in Athletic Training

Students who already have a B.A. or B.S. degree may apply to the master’s degree program by having completed prerequisite coursework, observation hours completed under a certified athletic trainer, and other application requirements.

MATR Curriculum

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