Exercise Clinic

The Exercise Clinic at ISU, in existence since 1974, is an on-campus adult fitness program sponsored by the department operating under the direction of faculty member, Ana Fantini, Ph.D.


The primary objective of The Exercise Clinic at ISU is to enable participants in having a program of lifelong physical activity that will reduce their risk for chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity. We achieve this objective by:

  • Providing safe and effective exercise programs specific to each participant
  • Creating an environment conducive to participants enjoying physical activity
  • Administering physiological tests to identify fitness levels and areas needing improvement


Our facility is located in Room 194 of the Forker Building. This 8700 square-foot, air-conditioned facility is equipped with an extensive array of cardiovascular and resistive exercise equipment. We have over 25 cardiovascular stations, including treadmills, elliptical machines, rowers, recumbent cycles and upright cycle ergometers. There are 13 Keiser resistive exercise stations, dumbbells ranging from 2 to 100 pounds, flat and incline benches, a TRX station, and other related exercise equipment such as resistive bands and medicine balls. This equipment was chosen for its ease of use, suitability for a diverse group of people, user friendliness and safety.


Each class is supervised by an exercise leader. This leader is a graduate student in the Kinesiology Department. She or he is assisted by several senior undergraduate students with a similar major who are completing an internship required for their degree.


The program is open to the Iowa State community and the general public. It is not available to undergraduate students. To be considered for the program, the individual completes an application or registration form. If a new participant has significant health or medical concerns, then written permission by their personal physician is also needed.

New participants are enrolled in a class of their choosing, which enables them to exercise in a structured environment. All new participants also undergo a fitness assessment.

The assessment quantifies the participant’s current level of cardiorespiratory fitness, flexibility, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and body composition. From this, and in concert with the participant’s exercise goals, we develop and exercise prescription outlining what and how the person needs to exercise. The exercise leaders then work with the participants to facilitate their being successful in their exercise program.


Please note that these services are only available to participants in one of the exercise classes offered by the Exercise Clinic.

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Exercise Clinic

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If you are 65 and older, are you interested in learning more about the Physical Activity and Aging Study (PAAS) being conducted in Forker? You will receive a free comprehensive health screening annually which includes: Full-Body Bone Mineral Density and Bone Composition (DEXA); Body Shape, Posture and Balance Analysis; Cardiovascular Function (Arterial Stiffness, Blood Pressure); Blood Lipids; Glucose Profiles; Diet, Physical Activity, Fitness and Function; Sleep Quality and Quantity; Cognition, Mental Health and Dementia Screening
Are you interested in a behavior change consultation with Dr. Kira Werstein? Common health behaviors targeted with health coaching include: Exercise habituation; smoking cessation; sleep; stress; nutrition