Why health coaching?

Typical health-care appointments are brief and generally present recommendations of what to change but give little support on how to change.  For example, “you need to exercise.”  While this statement is true, it leaves the patient with little support on how to translate that end into a realistic and long-term part of their day-to-day lifestyle.  

Therefore, health coaching provides the framework and support to translate those health and wellness ends into practical, tangible steps that set you on a trajectory of long-term wellness.  Health coaching has been shown to be an effective resource in changing health-related behaviors, developing yourself as a person, and living a more focused life.  Common topics targeted with health coaching include exercise, smoking, sleep, stress, and nutrition.  

What to expect from coaching

Health coaching is designed to help you achieve your health and wellness goals with support and guidance. Your health coach will provide a forum for you to establish your goals. You will be asked powerful and probing questions, while helping you grow your motivation and make your positive health behaviors a habitual part of your lifestyle.  Everything discussed will be confidential.

Individual Registration Cost: $150

Four total sessions that include:

·       One 45-minute initial session.

·       Three 30-minute sessions every other week.

·       Some people benefit from more sessions.  Therefore, there is an option to continue session by session thereafter for $25/30-min session.

Kira Werstein

Associate Teaching Professor

Department: Kinesiology