It’s Always Wise to ExerCYse.

What is ExerCYse?

ExerCYse is a Department of Kinesiology Outreach program that is working to advance the global ‘Exercise is Medicine’ (EIM). The goal of the EIM initiative is to increase visibility about the importance of physical activity and to advance the notion of exercise as a ‘vital sign’ in the medical community. Visit to learn more about this important cause.

ExerCYse at Iowa State University has been officially recognized by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) as an Exercise is Medicine – On Campus (EIM-OC) program since 2015 and now has ‘Silver’ status.

The ExerCYse program is powered by an Iowa State Student Group (Exercise is Medicine at ISU) that plans, coordinates and promotes a variety of programs and events on campus and in the community. A team of undergraduate and graduate students work as the “ExerCYse Leaders” and they coordinate the activities of a larger group of undergraduate “ExerCYse Ambassadors” who contribute to the various lines of programming on campus and in the community. Students interested in joining the ExerCYse Ambassador network are encouraged to reach out to the leadership team by sending an email to For additional information about ExerCYse please contact the faculty coordinator, Dr. Greg Welk.

Support the ExerCYse Initiative

If you would like to see the Iowa State ExerCYse program continue to grow and thrive, please consider donating directly through this ISU Foundation link set up specifically for ExerCYse –

Also, please consider purchasing an ExerCYse shirt to show your support for ExerCYse. All proceeds go to enhancing campus and community programming. ExerCYse T-shirts are also available for sale at the University Bookstore.

Need More Information?

Greg Welk

103e Forker Building
534 Wallace Road
Ames, IA 50011-4008