Physical Education Outreach Programs 

Swim and Gym

Swim and Gym is a ten-week, after school physical activity program for children that meets twice a week in the fall and spring semesters and provides an hour of gym time and half an hour of swimming lessons during each session. The program is staffed by undergraduate students pursuing a degree in physical education.

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Ames Community School District (ACSD)

The Department of Kinesiology partners in three educational programs with the Ames Community School District (ACSD). These programs provide a service to our community, enhance the learning experience of our students and shares our resources.

Homeschool Physical Education

Children enrolled in the enrichment program for homeschool children in the Ames Community School District have the opportunity to participate in multi-age physical education and recreation during the school year. Homeschool teachers and parents work cooperatively with Iowa State faculty and students to provide one hour of physical education and one hour of recreation each week in the Forker Building. College students enrolled in elementary education and/or physical education teaching work under the supervision of university faculty to deliver instruction. Homeschool teachers work with parents to provide recreation opportunities coordinated with the physical education instruction.

Northwood Preschool Center Physical Education

Northwood Preschool Early Childhood Learning Center is a fully integrated preschool for at-risk and children with disabilities in Ames and the surrounding communities. Each year physical education teaching undergraduate students provide physical education for children at Willson-Beardshear. The Iowa State students go to Willson-Beardshear one day each week so the children have one to two days of instruction each week. The experienced and dedicated teaching staff at Willson-Beardshear provide excellent role models and hands-on instruction for Iowa State students. In addition, faculty, or graduate assistants and peer mentors work with the undergraduate teachers.

Palmer Kindergarten Physical Education

The Ames Community School District has a kindergarten class on Iowa State’s campus in the Palmer Building. Physical education instruction is provided by Ames Community School District specialist teachers. At least once each week the class is held in the Forker Building Gym (Room 202). The teacher has access to state of the art physical education equipment and a large facility appropriate for instruction.

Summer Youth Fitness

The Summer Youth Fitness is offered in June and July each summer. The staff are Iowa State students. The Summer Youth Fitness schedule is posted online every summer. Please contact Jennifer Smith-Wittrock if you have questions about the program.

Current Summer Youth Fitness.