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Dance Minor (19 credits)

The Dance minor offers a unique opportunity to discover, develop, and display your dance talents and develop skills useful in careers and life situations.

Required Classes:  (19 credits)

DANCE 220 – Modern Dance Composition (2 crs)

DANCE 222/223 – Modern Dance II (1 cr)

DANCE 270 – Dance Appreciation (3 crs) (Also meets International Perspectives requirement)

DANCE 320 – Sound and Movement (3 crs)

DANCE 360 – History and Philosophy of Dance (3 crs)

DANCE 384 – Teaching Children’s Dance (2 crs)

DANCE 385 – Methods of Teaching Dance (2 crs)

Or DANCE 386 – Teaching Dance Technique and Composition (2 crs)

Three additional credits from Dance course(s) 200 level or above


Participation in Orchesis I, II, and/or Iowa State Dance Tour Company is recommended. Check out the dance groups at

If you love to dance, Iowa State University’s dance program is your chance to discover, develop, and display your moves. Our open-door policy allows all students to participate in the art of dance. Dance opportunities are available in an academic or extracurricular setting. The 19 credits required of this dance minor are completed by taking 16 credits of required and 3 credits of supportive courses.

Learn about dance scholarships.

Dance Courses

Dance has an important and distinctive contribution to make to the general education of all students by providing expressive, recreational, therapeutic, and physically beneficial experiences. The dance program at Iowa State is open to all students, regardless of major. By gaining a comprehensive view of dance as a physical skill and creative movement form, students are prepared for interesting personal life skills or creative careers with dance augmenting another field.

Housed in the Department of Kinesiology within the College of Human Sciences, the program includes exciting movement courses and offers a dance minor, or a general studies program with a dance emphasis, through the kinesiology department.

Performing Arts Degree

Put yourself in the spotlight and show us what you’ve got. A degree in performing arts is offered through the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences under the auspices of the Department of Music. Students may select an emphasis in dance, acting/directing, or theatrical design. A minor in performing arts is also available.

Dance Classes

Dance classes range from the lecture format of Dance Appreciation and Dance History and Philosophy, to the activity format of beginning to advanced levels of ballet, modern, jazz, tap, and ballroom dance. Also featured in the curriculum are the creative formats of dance composition, and methods of teaching dance for a variety of ages and abilities.

All courses are open to students in all majors as supportive education, self-discovery, exercise, social interaction, and relaxation.

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