Strut Your Stuff

Iowa State Dance offers dancers unique opportunities to discover, develop, and display their talents. We operate with an open door policy, encouraging all students to participate in the art of dance and develop skills to utilize in their careers and lives. You can participate in dance in academic and/or extracurricular settings. The 19 credits required of the dance minor are completed through 16 required course credits and 3 credits of supportive courses.

Required courses

Course NumberCourse DescriptionCreditsSemester
Dance 220Modern Dance Compositions2 creditsFall
Dance 222/223Modern Dance II1 creditFall
Dance 270Dance Appreciation3 creditsFall, spring
Dance 320Sound and Movement3 creditsAlt. spring
Dance 360History and Philosophy of Dance3 creditsAlt. spring
Dance 384Teaching Children’s Dance2 creditsSpring
Dance 385Methods of Teaching Dance2 creditsFall
or Dance 386Teaching Dance Technique and Composition2 creditsSpring

Supportive Courses

Take 3 additional credits from dance courses from the list below.

Course NumberCourse DescriptionCreditsSemester
Dance 224Concert & Dance Theater1 creditFall, spring
Dance 232Ballet II1 creditSpring
Dance 233Ballet III1 creditFall
Dance 242Jazz II1 creditSpring
Dance 250Yoga1 creditFall, spring
Dance 370Advanced Studies in Dance1-6 credit(s)Fall, spring
Dance 386Teaching Dance Technique and Composition2 creditsFall, spring
Dance 490Independent Study1-3 credit(s)Fall, spring


Participation in Orchesis I, II and/or Iowa State Dance Tour Company is recommended. Check out the dance groups page for more information.

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