How to Qualify and Obtain a Pre-Internship

All students in the ES, CPH, and PAHP options are required to complete a one or two credit pre-internship for the purpose of assisting students in defining a possible career path.  This early experience is designed to provide an opportunity to shadow/assist Kinesiology professionals with duties that align with your curriculum.

Students who have previously or are currently enrolled in KIN 258 should begin researching possible pre-internship sites.  Students should choose a pre-internship site that aligns with a specific option curriculum.  Some local site examples include:

Exercise Science:  ISU Recreation Services– Fitness (click here for details), Ames Fitness Center, Surefire Fitness, City of Ames Fitness, MiHealth and Fitness, Premier Athlete Training at The Athletic Club of Ames, ISU Strength and Conditioning for Football, ISU Strength and Conditioning for Olympic Sports, The Factory Strength and Conditioning, Nevada Barbell, Ignite Yoga, Mary Greeley Medical Center, Story County Medical, Boone County Hospital

For information regarding a pre-internship with ISU Strength and Conditioning for Olympic sports, please contact

For information regarding a pre-internship with ISU Strength and Conditioning for Football, please contact

Community and Public Health: Youth and Shelter Services, Live Healthy Iowa, ISU Well Being, Friendship Ark, Community Connections for Public Health, Story County Department of Public Health

Physical Activity and Health Promotion: Live Healthy Iowa, City of Ames Health Promotion, Community Connections for Public Health

Students are not limited to local options, and may complete this required experience during the Spring, Summer, of Fall semester.  If a student chooses to complete the experience in the summer, they will register for academic credit (and complete all associated academic assignments) during the subsequent fall semester.

Requirements and Guidelines

  • One credit = minimum of 40 verified hours                                                                                                                     
  • Two credits = a minimum of 80 verified hours                                                                                                             
  • Minimum of four weeks and maximum of ten weeks spent working at your site
  • Completion of ALL academic assignments, including verified timesheet, daily journal, final report and video summary, final site supervisor evaluation.
  • Graded on a satisfactory/fail basis
    Registration deadlines:  Summer and Fall – October 28, Spring – March 31


  1. Research and contact potential sites of interest 
  2. Confirm the pre-internship experience with a supervisor/mentor at the desired site 
  3. Complete the pre-internship acceptance form 
  4. Once the site is approved, the student will be registered by their academic advisor for 1 or 2 credits of KIN 285 or HS 285 and will also be enrolled in the Canvas course (students who complete the pre-internship experience in the summer, will be registered in the subsequent Fall Canvas course) Registration deadlines: Summer and Fall – October 28, Spring – March 31
  5. Complete ALL required academic assignments 

Need More Information?

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