Requirements and Guidelines

  • One credit = minimum of 40 verified hours                                                                                                                     
  • Two credits = a minimum of 80 verified hours                                                                                                             
  • Minimum of four weeks and maximum of ten weeks spent working at your site
  • Completion of ALL academic assignments, including verified timesheet, daily journal, final report and video summary, final site supervisor evaluation.
  • Graded on a satisfactory/fail basis
    Registration deadlines:  Summer and Fall – October 28, Spring – March 31


  1. Research and contact potential sites of interest 
  2. Confirm the pre-internship experience with a supervisor/mentor at the desired site 
  3. Complete the pre-internship acceptance form 
  4. Once the site is approved, the student will be registered by their academic advisor for 1 or 2 credits of KIN 285 or HS 285 and will also be enrolled in the Canvas course (students who complete the pre-internship experience in the summer, will be registered in the subsequent Fall Canvas course) Registration deadlines:  Summer and Fall – October 28, Spring – March 31.
  5. Complete ALL required academic assignments 

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