Daily Journal

A brief description of your duties each day at the pre-internship site.  Upon completion of the pre-internship, this journal will be uploaded (file or photo) on Canvas.

Internship Monthly Timesheet(1).pdf – Students will track hours worked at the pre-internship site, have their supervisor sign the time sheet, and submit (a photo of) the signed time sheet on Canvas.

Pre-Internship Summary

A written summary of the pre-internship experience (approximately 1-2 pages), including a description of the following:

1.  Impressions of the site and the staff members you worked with, along with the members/participants/clients that your facility primarily targets

2.  Student’s primary responsibilities

3.  Student’s most and least favorite part of the experience

4.  Three key takeaway learning points and an explanation of how this experience has influenced your career path

Video Presentation

A brief (2-3 minute) video presentation providing a detailed description of the site (name, location, population served, equipment used, types of programming observed, etc.) and supervisor (job title, qualifications, etc.), as well as daily duties, projects, desire to seek further internships/employment in this setting, etc.

Final Pre-Internship Evaluation from Site Supervisor

Please give the Pre-int eval.doc to your site supervisor.

The pre-internship supervisor will complete the evaluation form and provide the student with feedback on their work.

**All academic assignments will be described in greater detail on the Canvas course page

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