Athletic Training Teaching Lab

Location:  Room 213 Forker

The Athletic Training Teaching Laboratory is a vital component of the Athletic Training Master’s Program (MATR).   The lab is a remarkable educational space that is conducive to learning.  Here students will gain knowledge and get hands-on instruction as they progress to become future health care providers.  

The Athletic Training Teaching Laboratory provides dedicated space for didactic and clinical education for the program.  In its current configuration, the 2,277 square foot space can accommodate 24 students. 

Convertible desks can be transitioned quickly into padded exam tables to accommodate hands-on learning and provide a more functional environment for patient examination and care.  The tables offer great flexibility in instruction and can quickly go back and forth between didactic and clinical education.  Also located within the teaching lab is a dedicated taping/bracing area and ample space for functional assessment and rehabilitation.  The teaching lab also contains many supplies and equipment students have access to and will learn to use throughout the program.

  • Room Furnishings
    • 12 convertible desks/exam tables
    • 24 adjustable rolling stools
    • Counter and cabinets for storage
    • Books shelves
    • Cubbies for student personal storage
    • 8 taping stations/4 taping storage cabinets
    • Sink and ice machine
  • Audio Visual Equipment
    • Overhead projector and 119” screen
    • Document camera
    • Blu-Ray player
    • Mobile height adjustable teaching station
  • Academic Aids
    • Complete skeleton with muscle origin and insertions
    • Anatomical models of all major joints in addition to the eye and ear
  • Patient Examination and Care Equipment
    • Stethoscopes
    • Sphygmomanometers
    • Welch Allyn otoscope and panoptic ophthalmoscope
    • Pulse oximeters
    • Glucometers
    • Digital refractometer
    • Data Therm II Temperature Monitor and rectal temperature trainer
    • Penlights
    • Goniometers
    • Peak flow meters
    • 4 Rich-Mar combination electric stimulation and ultrasound modalities
    • Hydrocollator
    • Paraffin bath
  • Emergency Care Equipment
    • Ferno EXL scoop stretcher
    • Laerdal stifneck adjustable cervical collar
    • Vacuum splints
    • SAM splints
    • Crutches/Canes
    • Oxygen tank
    • Bag valve masks
    • Epi-Pen trainers
    • Glucagon training kits
    • Naloxone trainers
    • Oropharyngeal and nasopharyngeal airways and trainer
    • Suture kits
    • IV supplies and poles
    • Kestrel 5400 Heat Stress Tracker
  • Rehabilitation Equipment
    • Rehab rack with resistance bands, dumbbells, and cuff weights
    • AirEx pads
    • Exercise balls
    • Foam rollers

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