Fitness-Wellness Teaching Lab

Location:  Room 140 Forker

This 2500-square-foot general purpose laboratory includes:

  • An office
  • Two examination rooms
  • Teaching area outfitted with desks and audiovisual equipment sufficient for 15 students
  • A hydrostatic weighing room


Cardiovascular assessment

  • Quinton 3500 graded exercise test system with treadmill
  • Quinton 4500 graded exercise test system with treadmill
  • Several Monark cycle ergometers
  • (including several blood pressure cuffs, an AED, appropriately stocked crash cart)

Body composition/anthropometric assessment

  • Hydrostatic weighing system with digital scale
  • Several skinfold calipers
  • Several Gulick anthropometric tapes
  • Rosscraft Tommy anthropometer, etc.

Muscle function assessment

  • Biodex system (isokinetic assessment)
  • Flat weight-lifting bench with weights
  • 2 isometric handgrip dynamometers
  • Several mats

Flexibility assessment

  • 2 sit-and-reach boxes

Other equipment

  • Blood pressure cuffs
  • Automated external defibrillator
  • Appropriately stocked crash cart
  • Area for phlebotomy with several centrifuges for spinning blood
  • Area for acquisition of muscle biopsies


  • This facility was used to screen subjects 65+ y.o. prior to their embarking on a longitudinal exercise training program. These subjects underwent graded exercise tests in this facility and completed the Senior Fitness Test in another area of the Department of Kinesiology (The Exercise Clinic).
  • Law enforcement officers of the Iowa Department of Public Safety come to this facility to complete their annual department-mandated medical examination. A physician performs the medical examination and then a subgroup of officers undergoes graded exercise tests as part of an effort to reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease in this group.
  • Participants in The Exercise Clinic, an on-campus adult fitness program sponsored by the Kinesiology Department, complete their fitness assessments in this laboratory.
  • Students in several Kinesiologycourses perform a full range of fitness assessment tests using the Fitness-Wellness Teaching Lab.  Students also learn how to perform graded exercise tests to screen for cardiovascular disease, and graduate students learn how to interpret 12-lead electrocardiograms. Students also practice these skills through involvement in the lab’s research projects.

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Need More Information?

Warren Franke

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